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At Shields Dental & Implant Centre patients are treated by the third generation of a family of distinguished dentists. It’s a tradition of excellence we try to uphold with advanced technology and the same old human warmth.

Conor and Cormac Shields are brothers (identical twins, in fact) who improve lives every day with care that ranges from oral surgery to family check-ups. Their Grandfather Frank was the first qualified dental surgeon in Tyrone in 1917 and their father Frank was a pioneer in oral surgery and sedation in Dungannon.

Sedation does wonders for nervous patients and that’s why we are one of very few practices in Ireland that offers intravenous sedation.  Sedation is a safe and effective technique, offering anxlicotic, hypnotic, muscle relaxant and amnesic properties (ie very sleepy with nil or little memory recall). Our comprehensive range of private treatments are designed to meet the needs of children and adults in a relaxed way where there is plenty of time for questions and trust building.

We think trust matters because it enables you to have a full and frank discussion with us about your budget and your expectations. At Shields we offer the most advanced treatments but there are a range of price price points; please just ask and we’d be happy to talk you through all the options.

Conor and Cormac ran a private dental practice in London for 10 years but chose to establish Shields Dental & Implant Centre because of a deep Limerick heritage: their great grandmother Norrie was the daughter of Stephen O’Mara, the Mayor of Limerick. Stephen was at Charles Parnell’s deathbed and lived in Strand House, where Éamon de Valera stayed the night the treaty was signed. A more distant piece of Shields family legend is that in 1842 Conor and Cormac’s great granduncle James, the only person to have served as a senator in three US states, challenged Abraham Lincoln to a duel. Later the two became friends and in the Civil War James dealt Stonewall Jackson his only defeat at the Battle of Kernstown in 1862.


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What Our Patients Have To Say

“Very professional, yet relaxing. They put you at your ease, but also quite competent at keeping up with new treatments and therapies.”
“I can honestly say it didn’t hurt.”
“I had pain constantly morning, noon and night for a couple of years before I came to Conor. So it was a miracle that he actually sorted me out. From the moment that I came it felt like a safety net had been put around me. It was amazing.”
“The atmosphere is very relaxed. The staff here are great, they put you at your ease.”
“Its high end dentistry that you are getting.”


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