The idea of dental braces can be traced back to an American dentist in 1829. Back then, the process was painstaking and laborious.

Now they’re a common part of orthodontic treatment. Even Tom Cruise had his teeth aligned.

That doesn’t mean braces don’t come with problems of their own. Difficulty in eating is a common braces problem, at least for the first few weeks.

Wondering how to avoid the side-effects of braces? Read on to learn more.

Manage the Discomfort of Braces

The most common side effect of dental braces is discomfort. That’s because the braces have to move the teeth into their new position.

The discomfort is worse every time the orthodontist tightens the wires. You should find the discomfort lessens, or goes away altogether, in the period between tightening.

While there’s no way to avoid discomfort, you can reduce it. Ordinary pain relief will be enough, such as ibuprofen.

You might also experience discomfort when your brace is first fitted. This is because the metalwork irritates the inside of your mo