42% of Irish adults are missing teeth. Tooth loss can leave us all feeling self-conscious and looking for solutions. Your dentist probably suggested dental implants, but you might be nervous about that. It’s a big step to take. Don’t worry, we’re here to help ease those nerves. Read on for 10 benefits of dental implants.

Prevents Bone Loss

What people don’t realise is when you lose teeth, you often lose some of the mass of your jawbone. Your jawbone needs the friction from your teeth connecting to keep its mass. Dental implants are currently the only option on the market that maintains that jaw bone friction.

Matches Your Other Teeth

You can get implants in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Your dentist and you will work out a design to suit your needs.

They’ll make sure they make the color of your other teeth and fit the gap seamlessly. So no one will know.

Retains Bite Force

Implants are anchored by a titanium post to your jaw; in essence, replacing the tooth’s root. As such, when you bite down, you’ll have about the same amount of force as you did with your natural teeth.

Other options don’t allow as much bite force as they only attach to your gums. Without the anchor, they can also be prone to rubbing and slipping.

Prevents Facial Shape Changes

Your teeth are important