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Click-tite Implants

Are you feeling self-conscious because your dentures are loose-fitting, bulky and uncomfortable? Do you have difficulty speaking and eating, or are you afraid that your dentures will fall out of your mouth? Or are you in a position where you may need dentures and are looking at possible alternatives?

If any of the above applies to you, then Click-tite Implants (or Click-tite Dentures) may be the perfect answer.

What are Click-tite Implants?

Click-tite Implants are a type of full over-denture that is supported by, or attached to dental implants.

A regular denture just rests on the gums and tends to fit less firmly.

An implant-supported denture has special attachments that snap onto attachments on the implants and provide a better hold to the over-dentures.

With Click-tite Implants, dentures (specially-made for you) are anchored to dental implants and they click into place.

Your Click-tite Implants are very secure in your mouth but can be easily removed for cleaning and at night.

If you are considering a denture, now is the perfect time to get Click-tite Implants.

What is the Process for Click-tite Implants?

The best way to correctly secure dentures is by placing several implants in the jaw, which are then attached to the denture. Obviously, the more implants placed, the more secure the attachment. We can easily increase or decrease the amount of security for you to make the Click-tite implants strong enough, while ensuring they remain comfortable and easy to remove when required. While you can remove them in order to clean them, they will remain secure at all times.

What are the Benefits?

  • A Click-tite implant is more stable than a regular denture

  • It enables people to speak more easily and clearly

  • There is less worry that the denture may become loose or fall out of the mouth

  • You can eat a better range of foods (still avoid chewing hard or sticky foods)

  • Because the denture no longer covers the roof of the mouth, it feels more natural than a regular denture

  • It is a removable prosthesis

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