White Fillings

The function and form of modern fillings can make the telltale signs of dental decay invisible.

In the modern era, fillings are not only functional—they can be natural looking too.

White filling restorations are less invasive. They’re durable and aesthetically superb, detectable only by trained professionals, so there’s no longer any reason to inhibit your smile.

A super solution for people self-conscious about showing silver fillings when smiling or laughing, white fillings are also a great option for patients with a proven sensitivity to the metals used in silver amalgam fillings.

Direct White Fillings are glued into place—bonded directly to the tooth surface. They are most often used on the front teeth.

However, direct fillings are less suitable for the back teeth, due to the heavy wear from chewing. These are best restored using the Indirect method: this involves an impression being taken of the tooth, and the subsequent milling or pressing of a composite porcelain or zirconia onlay or inlay.