Meet the Team.

Karolina Sokulska

Lead Nurse

Karolina started her journey as a trainee Dental Nurse with Shields Dental and Implant Clinic in 2017 at that time when the team was small. Karolina has been heavily involved in the expansion of the company over the years.

The role of a Dental Nurse has become her passion as she enjoys a variety of different treatments. She provides a high level of patient care and enjoys taking care of the patients. Karolina began her qualifications from the dental nursing course in 2019 in which she graduated from in 2021.

She got the necessary leadership skills to inspire other dental nurses to provide high standards of service that the Shields team provides. She was then appointed the role of Lead Dental nurse in the South Circular clinic in 2018.

Outside of work, Karolina likes cooking, searching for, and modifying new recipes.

Karolina likes being active and spending time outside when the weather allows for it.