Kickstart your year with a healthy dental routine 

Feb 16, 2017 | Dental Hygiene

Visits to the dentist and dental hygienist are essential in maintaining good oral and dental health.

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So Christmas is over and the new year is here and perhaps you’re feeling a little less healthy than normal. Start your new year with a healthy attitude to your oral hygiene routine by applying some of the advice below.

Attend regular visits to the dental hygienist
Here at Shields, our dental hygienists Evelyn Lawless and Lenka Jurgosova are long-standing members of our team and have extensive experience in performing scale and polish for patients and have a gentle and empathetic approach that is popular with patients and make check-ups stress-free.

A dental hygienist’s role is also to offer advice about how to use dental tools such as floss, brush and mouthwash correctly and effectively so as to get the best out of them. Many patients claim that they brush for the recommended time of 2 minutes and still develop tooth decay and gum disease. This is common when poor brushing and flossing techniques are adopted.
Regular appointments with your dental hygienist here at Shields will ensure that you maintain polished, clean and smooth teeth. Frequent appointments will also help prevent the development of calculus which can cause cavities, gum disease and other more serious complications.

A young woman flossing her teeth

Other hygiene areas to address
Complications with bad breath (also known as halitosis), can also be combated with the help of a dental hygienist. Sometimes problems with bad breath originate due to dietary choices though the problem can also be tied to a type of condition or as a result of a dry mouth. Bad breath can impact upon your self-esteem and many patients report that their confidence has been restored after making recommended changes to their lifestyle.

If you would like any additional information about dental hygiene or you would like to arrange a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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