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Imagine straight teeth in just 6 months with Six Month Smiles …….

When you’re insecure about your smile, it can have a dramatic effect on how you live your life. Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic solution for straightening your teeth which takes just six months on average. Clear braces in tooth-coloured wires gently straighten your teeth, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted. People will barely notice you’re even wearing braces.

Six Month Smiles only focuses on the front teeth and so the treatment time is much less than with traditional metal or ceramic braces. Six months is the usual treatment time but anywhere from 4 to 9 months is possible. Because the treatment is performed on your front teeth only, less overall force is needed, meaning that it tends to be more gentle than traditional braces. It is also typically cheaper than traditional braces since treatment time is greatly reduced.

Let us help improve your confidence by improving your smile with Six Month Smiles short term orthodontics. Your new smile is just six months away! Straight teeth, less time, less cost, clear braces!

Six Month Smiles Before and After

How we Assesses Patients

As with all treatments available here, Six Month Smiles treatments are devised following a full discussion with you, the patient. Our Orthodontist will ensure that this type of treatment is the appropriate solution for your particular case. They will then plan a strategy for moving the teeth gradually into