Say hello to natural looking,

fully functioning teeth.

When it comes to implants, our specialist team at Shields Castletroy will put you at ease with friendly yet professional advice and treatment – using the latest equipment and approved techniques.

Dental implants feel like the real thing and cover a wide range of treatments that make your smile standout. They can replace missing teeth or connect crowns, bridges and dentures.


A dental implant replaces both the lost tooth and its root. It’s a restoration that looks, acts, and of course feels like the real one it replaced – you won’t notice the difference.


If you’ve got more than one tooth missing, it can be more affordable and efficient to replace teeth in one go. With a multiple implant or bridge.


A firmer grip to make you always feel relaxed when wearing dentures. They just click into place so you can get on with life.

All-on-4 implants.

You can restore your smile and preserve your facial structure with replacements that are matched in colour and shape to natural teeth.

Bone Graft and
Sinus Lift.

These are the building blocks when implants don’t have enough support. So you can be ready for the next stage of treatment.

You. First.

Creating your perfect smile is important, but we believe your overall wellbeing is equal to your teeth and oral hygiene. That’s why we’re people first. Understanding what you want from your dental treatment to give the outstanding results you deserve. 


You don’t have to go to Beverly Hills to look good, you can go local. In convenient locations in Limerick and Roscrea. Comfortable but advanced, friendly but professional. Click on your preferred location in the menu or use the arrows to see more.

Behind every smile there's a story.

The staff at Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinic, Limerick, are committed to delivering excellent care, aiming to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We strive to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in our clinics. Our team provides comprehensive service, looking after you from your initial contact through to your final follow-up appointment.

Here some of our patients tell you about their experience and how happy they are with their smile transformations.