Highly skilled in tooth movement
for children, teens and adults.

Our orthodontic dentists are trained in tooth movement and focus on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malpositioned or imperfect teeth and jaws.

By treating the associated discomfort and pain, they will help you reset your smile and your life. As straight teeth, a correctly aligned jaw and healthy gums improve appearance, function and overall wellbeing and confidence.

How we Assess Patients
As you’d expect at Shields, orthodontic treatments begin with a full discussion of your individual needs. We then undertake a detailed examination so we can assess how to get your teeth in the correct position. Resulting in a manageable step-by-step treatment plan that you’ll also feel comfortable with.

Types of Braces Offered by Shields Dental Clinics in Limerick, Castletroy & Roscrea
Our range of treatment options are designed to suit different budgets and tastes, and include braces and clear aligners that are made from a range of different materials.


Custom-made using cutting-edge technology and discreetly transparent, with easy to clean sliders, they are effortlessly adjusted by or teeth straightening dentists over time until your perfect smile is ready. to reveal to the world.

Six Month

As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles take just six months. Focusing on the front teeth, with clear braces and tooth coloured wires, your teeth will be straightened quickly with people barely noticing.


Discreet and natural looking with brackets that are clear or tooth-coloured, these braces beat wear and tear by using high quality materials that are easy to maintain. They are almost invisible and designed and fitted by our orthodontic dentists.
General Dentistry


Durable and versatile, it’s no wonder traditional metal braces have always been a popular choice. And now you can also have coloured brackets. Fixed metal braces produce predictably perfect results. They are easy to look after, suitable for everyone and often cheaper than other orthodontic options.

Children’s Orthodontics.

We recommend the diagnosis and treatment for a stable growth and to prevent any overcrowding at a young age.

You. First.

Creating your perfect smile is important, but we believe your overall wellbeing is equal to your teeth and oral hygiene. That’s why we’re people first. Understanding what you want from your dental treatment to give the outstanding results you deserve.


You don’t have to go to Beverly Hills to look good, you can go local. In convenient locations in Limerick and Roscrea. Comfortable but advanced, friendly but professional. Click on your preferred location in the menu or use the arrows to discover more.

Behind every smile there's a story.

The staff at Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinic, Limerick, are committed to delivering excellent care, aiming to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We strive to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in our clinics. Our team provides comprehensive service, looking after you from your initial contact through to your final follow-up appointment.

Here some of our patients tell you about their experience and how happy they are with their smile transformations.