3D Dental Scanners – at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Feb 12, 2021 | Advanced Dental Treatments

Imagine being able to visualise the full structure and condition of your teeth in 3D. Think of having the visual knowledge to help you make informed decisions on treatment. What about seeing the progress of your treatment in minute detail at each appointment?

Well you now can have all of this at Shields Dental with our 3D Digital Scanners, used as a cutting-edge scanning and visualisation tool for everything from orthodontics and Invisalign to restorative treatments like implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays.

How Does It Work?

The scanner can digitally analyse your teeth characteristics, allowing you to view a 3D digital impression of your teeth within minutes. Your dentist can quickly assess the condition of your teeth and have an in-depth discussion with you about any treatments required. You will be made aware of all options available to you. Imagine being able to see exactly where problems exist? This helps to build trust between you and your dentist, a trait we value above all here at Shields Dental.

What Treatments is it used with?

  • Orthodontics: Scanners provide visualisation tools to help generate a 3D impression of the teeth. This replaces the traditional, messy impressions which can be uncomfortable and time-consuming for you, the patient. Feel free to share your “gag-free” impression experience with your friends, family and colleagues! The scans are sent immediately to the dental laboratory, meaning that treatment can begin much quicker than normal. Throughout your treatment, you can view how your teeth are moving over time which is fantastic because you may not notice the changes when looking in the mirror.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign 3d scanners offer all of the benefits listed for orthodontics above. We also use the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, which helps you to visualise your treatment outcome from the very beginning.
  • Restorative: You can view the condition and structure of damaged teeth in full-colour. This will help you to have a full discussion with your dentist about restorative work needed, whether that be an implant, crown, bridge, veneer, inlay or onlay. Your dentist can demonstrate the outcome and how your teeth will look after your treatment.

Benefits to you, the Patient

The benefits to you, the patient are numerous as follows:

  1. You have full visibility of the condition and structure of your teeth within minutes, so that you can have a full discussion with your dentist and make informed decisions on your treatment options
  2. You can visualise your treatment outcome from the beginning
  3. Scans are available within minutes and can be sent immediately to the laboratory, so your treatment can begin much more quickly
  4. No messy, uncomfortable traditional impressions
  5. You can see your progress with each appointment, especially for Orthodontics and Invisalign

Benefits to the Environment

3D Dental Scanning is a green technology. Impressions are taken digitally so there are no chemicals to throw away. Scans are then sent digitally to the laboratory, as opposed to posting physical impressions. Overall, it is a cleaner process than before and thus kinder to the environment.

Contact Shields Dental Clinic to See them at Work

Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinic is at the forefront of modern dental technology. We keep abreast of all advances so that we can provide you, the patient with the best of care. Contact us today to make an appointment and see how our scanners can work best for you and your treatment.

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