Christmas foods to feel great about…

Dec 21, 2016 | News

Believe it or not there are certain Christmas  foods that are great for your teeth! We’ve made a list of foods that you can enjoy guilt-free this festive season.

Cheese plate: Parmesan cheddar gouda blue cheese mozzarella and other with chili pepper and almonds on wooden board. Tasty appetizers. Cheese platter. Cheese board. Cheese slice. Selective focus.


Packed with calcium, protein and zinc, you’ll be thrilled to know that cheese actually strengthens your teeth and the protective coating that covers them (enamel). Research suggests that cheese also helps to reduce your chances of developing cavities too as it neutralises plaque acid. Cheese has a high ph level which in turn protects against dental erosion – this also stimulates the production of alkaline saliva, washing away stray food particles and bacteria. Try to avoid foods and drinks that dry out the mouth such as red wine and crackers or if you do, be sure to drink plenty of water after this.



It’s a shame that turkey only gets the press it deserves at Christmas and Thanksgiving, because it’s arguably the healthiest meat around! Turkey keeps your teeth and bones strong with a combination of protein, vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium and it’s also very low in fat.



If you’ve got a sweet tooth but want to stay healthy, cranberries are a must at Christmas. Cranberries contain vitamins c and a as well as nutrients like potassium, magnesium, folate and lutein. They also affect the ability for bacteria to stick to your teeth which in turn makes you less susceptible to tooth decay. Cranberry sauce doesn’t have to be packed with sugar – you can make it as healthy as you want by limiting the amount of sugar you add.



Keep your nutcracker close by this Christmas as nuts should definitely a friend over the Christmas period – and beyond! Here are how different types of nut can help your teeth…

  • Cashews – Like cheese, cashews encourage the production of saliva which helps to wash away the bits of food that linger, They also neutralise the plaque acid that covers your teeth which in turn, makes them healthier.
  • Keep your teeth strong as they contain vitamin D and calcium.
  • Walnuts – these are a multitude of good things such as vitamins E and B6, potassium, fibre, zinc, iron and more, all helping to maintaining strong teeth.


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