Limerick has one of the world’s best tourism websites

Aug 29, 2017 | News

Limerick has landed on the global tourism map after was named as one of the world’s top 25 best tourism websites for 2017.

Only four other websites were chosen from across Europe. They were Visit The Faroe Islands, Geneva Tourism, Vienna Tourist Board and Visit Greenland.

The list was compiled by Skift, a US-based platform providing media and marketing to companies in the travel industry. Announcing the list, Skift wrote:

We like how Limerick, Ireland draws attention to the different reasons why people travel to Limerick whether it’s for school, leisure or business. It also gives you a sense of what it’s like to live in the city and has helpful resources for locals to understand why they should be involved in the city’s tourism industry.

It said the top rated tourist websites are emphasising user-generated content from social media platforms like Instagram and using more video content to make destinations seem more real rather than leaving them to the imagination. is now the biggest online portal for any council in Ireland, after a re-launch in April. Central to its design is the way it integrates user generated content from social media platforms onto the website.

The website works on mobile phones and features more than 2,000 attractions, services, community groups and businesses, with more than 1,000 events listed on the site.

There is also a feedback option on each page so that the local authority can continuously improve the service.

After Limerick celebrated its reign as the first Irish City of Culture in 2014 it has seen further growth in tourism, with an 8% rise in visitors to King John’s Castle in 2015.

The council’s Limerick 2030 Masterplan has set out activities for the economic, social and physical renaissance of the city centre which it’s hoped will continue driving up the number of visitors from Ireland and around the world.

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