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Jun 15, 2022 | Cosmetic Treatments, General Dentistry, General health

Are you someone who has always wanted to have your teeth straightened? Perhaps you’ve been put off the idea in the past because of the limited brace options available? Well, fortunately, this is no longer the case.

The orthodontics landscape is a very different place today from what it was 25 years ago. Today, there are many types of braces to choose from, including removable and metal-free options.

So, if you’re looking for orthodontics in Blackrock, here’s why you should choose Shields Dental and Implant Clinic for your teeth straightening treatment. Our brand new Blackrock practice is ready to welcome you if you want to improve your dental health and the appearance of your smile.


How can orthodontics in Blackrock benefit me?

There are so many advantages to getting your teeth straightened, both from a physical and an emotional standpoint. These include:


Treatment improves your oral health

there’s a good reason why teeth are supposed to be straight – it makes them more fit for purpose and long-lasting. Improper alignment can sometimes make it a challenge to chew certain foods. Meanwhile, unnatural gaps in your teeth make you more vulnerable to decay and gum disease. This is because food particles and bacteria can collect in between these gaps more easily.


Your teeth will become easier to clean

having unnatural gaps treated with braces by an orthodontic dentist will result in teeth that are easier to look after. With more of your tooth surfaces exposed when you brush and floss, you will find it less challenging to successfully clean your teeth to remove bacteria that would otherwise turn to plaque.


You’ll be more enthusiastic about smiling

in the age of Zoom and social media, we’ve never had our faces on screens as much as we do now. The same can also be said of how often we appear in photographs and videos that are uploaded to our friends’ and loved ones’ social media accounts. But when you don’t like how your teeth look, appearing on screen can be a real ordeal. Once your teeth have been straightened, you’re likely to feel much more at ease with being in photos and videos.


You’ll feel your confidence improve

at the start of their treatment, our patients often tell us that they can’t wait to find the confidence to smile again. It’s brilliant to see this development occur once they’ve completed their brace-wearing journey. Many of our patients also tell us their self-esteem has improved after treatment and that they’re more able to voice their opinions, go on dates and apply for jobs they may not have done in the past.


Improvements in chewing

when your upper and lower jaw don’t meet correctly, you may experience chewing problems. This is no fun when you’re simply trying to enjoy a meal, which shouldn’t ever be a chore! Teeth straightening can help take the stress off supporting structures like bones and gum tissues and places teeth in a position where they are optimal for breaking down foods.

Orthodontics, Blackrock: what kind of braces can I choose from at Shields Dental Clinics?

We offer several brace types, both fixed and removable. Once we have assessed you and examined the alignment of your teeth and your bite, we can lay out the options you have available to you. For more severe cases, a fixed brace might be more suitable, whilst mild to moderate bite and alignment issues may be suitable for treatments such as Invisalign or Six Month Smiles.

Read more about each of the braces we offer and their design fundamentals here.


Putting patient comfort first

When we set out to design the interiors of our dental clinics, we knew one thing was for sure; they had to be an environment our patients felt good about spending time in. We’ve made sure our clinics are inviting spaces, including our dental practice in Blackrock.


Whilst Shields Dental and Implant Clinics are clinical environments (there’s no getting away from this when you’re a dental practice!) you’ll also find we’ve added the personal touch to the décor, to help you feel right at home. Our patient lounge is both comfortable and relaxing, so you can feel at ease from the moment you sit down.

Do you offer orthodontic treatment for children?

We do indeed. We love working with children and helping them to become enthusiastic and motivated to wear their braces.

Read more about The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Intervention in our recent blog here.


Excellence in Invisalign at Shields

We’re very fortunate to have the talents of Dr Robert Hardy, who has a special interest in orthodontics, specifically Invisalign and Six Month Smiles treatments.


Before coming back to Ireland and joining the Shields team, Rob worked in the U.K, gaining a wide range of experience in general dentistry. Rob’s advanced education in dentistry also includes earning a Membership Diploma and Membership in Primary Dental Care. He holds an MSc in Restorative Dentistry from the University of Edinburgh.

As an Invisalign provider, Rob is in the top 3 in the country and in the top 1% in the world. He also holds a Platinum award from Invisalign, recognising him as a truly gifted Invisalign dentist.


Get to know Dr Hardy by taking a look at an interview with him right here.

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