Is the Process of Composite Bonding Reversible?

Jul 15, 2022 | General Dentistry, News

Even a tiny cosmetic flaw with your teeth can be enough to stop you from smiling. In the past, multiple dentist appointments were needed if you wanted to get your smile back to 100%. Times have changed. Today, treatments like composite bonding deliver a result you can show off to the world the minute after you leave the dental clinic.

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Composite bonding is one of our most popular instant smile makeover treatments at Shields Dental Clinics in Limerick, Castletroy, Blackrock and Roscrea. Indeed, composite bonding is a reversible process, but we’re confident you’ll be happy with the results.


When might composite bonding resin need to be removed?

Here are a few examples of scenarios where we may consider reversing the composite bonding process:


– You have had composite bonding carried out by another dentist and you’re unhappy with the results. Here at Shields, we can remove the bonding material and re-work it into a position that’s in harmony with your whole smile. We can also discuss other options for restoring your smile, should you feel composite bonding is no longer right for you.

– You would like to graduate onto a longer-lasting treatment, such as veneers.

– 5-7 years have passed since your tooth was last bonded. This is usually the stage at which your tooth requires new layers of composite resin.

How does my tooth come to need composite bonding treatment in the first place?

Teeth are incredibly hardy and work tirelessly, allowing us the freedom to speak and chew every single day. However, damaging them is easier than you think.


Unlike sharks, which can produce new teeth when their old teeth are worn, humans have to make do with a single set of adult teeth for their entire lifetimes. Research is currently being carried out to see whether a study of shark genetics could help doctors grow human teeth in the future. Humans do actually possess the ability to grow new teeth; we all lose our milk teeth and grow a new set of adult teeth. However, we don’t have the cells that sharks have (known as dental lamina), which allow them to keep developing new teeth.


Until this becomes a reality, cosmetic dental treatment like composite bonding is a fantastic solution to repairing damage caused when you knock your tooth during contact sports, bite down onto an ice cube or catch it on a glass bottle.

What will my tooth look like after composite bonding?

The whole idea of composite bonding is to make a cosmetically flawed tooth appear natural-looking again.


We will use very fine layers of composite resin to recreate the appearance of real tooth enamel. The resins are matched to your natural tooth shade, so the end result looks like it belongs to your existing teeth. When planning your treatment, we will pay close attention to the contours of your existing teeth so that we can carefully add the resins to replicate the correct shape, length and width of the tooth.


Why we love restoring smiles with composite bonding here at Shields Dental Clinics

Composite bonding is a really affordable and effective way of restoring your smile. It’s true that treatments like veneers and crowns are more durable options, but these procedures involve the removal of some of your tooth’s natural structure. This is because veneers and crowns are made by a dental technician and then placed over the front surface of your tooth and over the whole of a tooth, respectively.


Composite bonding, on the other hand, does not. The composite resin is placed directly onto your damaged tooth and shaped accordingly.


Composite bonding: Quick-fire round-up of the benefits

– Immediate results.

– Affordable.

– Close small gaps in your teeth.

– Preserves your natural tooth structure.

– Completed in just 1 appointment.

– No anaesthetic or drilling is required.

– Suitable for patients of all ages.


Who is most suitable for composite bonding?

As long as your teeth are healthy, you should be a suitable candidate for composite bonding treatment.


Before we can declare you a suitable candidate for treatment, we will examine the condition of your teeth and gums.


If you’ve expressed an interest in teeth whitening treatment, this will need to be performed first. This is so that we can match the composite resin to the shade of your newly whitened teeth (composite bonding resin is resistant to teeth whitening treatment).


If you’re someone who might prefer a more long-term solution right away, veneers might be preferable to composite bonding. Veneers can last in excess of 10 years when you look after them correctly. They’re also incredibly resistant to stains.


Contacting a ‘’dentist near me’’ for composite bonding

If you’ve headed to Google to look for a dentist local to you, you’ll have noticed our clinics appear in your search results.


In choosing Shields Dental and Implant Clinics for your composite bonding treatment, you’ll be placing yourself in the hands of professionals who care. It’s always our aim to deliver treatment that makes you want to look in the mirror each day and think, “My smile is just how I would like it to be”.


Why not take a look at our patient testimonials to hear what they had to see about their experience of treatment with us?


Composite bonding at a dental clinic near me

Contact Shields Dental Clinics for outstanding cosmetic dental treatment. As well as composite bonding, we also offer treatments such as:

Teeth Whitening

Smile Makeovers


Six Month Smiles (cosmetic-orientated orthodontic treatment).


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