Shields Blackrock Eliminates The Myths Around Composite Bonding

Mar 15, 2022 | General Dentistry

We’re thrilled to be opening our brand new dental practice in Blackrock and we look forward to helping patients transform their smiles. 

One means of doing so, is with the minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure composite bonding. We offer composite bonding here in Blackrock and it’s extremely popular at our practices in Castletroy, Limerick and Roscrea. 

In this blog, we’ll be debunking the myths surrounding composite bonding, discussing the benefits of having a dentist perform composite bonding and why you should choose Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinic, Blackrock for your treatment. 


What is composite bonding? 

Composite bonding is a technique used to repair teeth affected by problems including stains, cracks and chips. We can also use composite bonding to recontour and improve the shape of a tooth, so that it looks more pleasing in the context of your whole smile. The composite material used is incredibly good at mirroring the things that make teeth what they are. You can expect a naturally beautiful result from your composite bonding treatment here in Blackrock, Dublin. 


Myth no. 1 ‘It won’t last very long’

With the correct care, bonded teeth can look great for between 4-8 years. Looking after a bonded tooth is incredibly simple, as they don’t require any special treatment. You just need to make sure you’re brushing regularly, flossing after each meal, enjoying high acid and high sugar foods in moderation and visiting the dentist and hygienist regularly to keep on top of any developing problems and to have plaque routinely removed from your gum line. 


Myth no.2 ‘It’s an invasive process’ 

In reality, composite bonding is one of the least invasive treatments in the world of dentistry. You won’t have to have any of your natural tooth removed to accommodate the bonding material, which is the case with treatments like crowns and veneers. 


Myth no.3 ‘It requires multiple dentist visits’ 

Our patients are always thrilled to hear that not only is composite bonding quick to complete (we can perform the treatment in as little as half an hour), they don’t need to come back for a follow-up appointment. In a single day, your tooth can be completely restored, so you can leave with a fully repaired, restored and enhanced tooth. 


Myth no.4 ‘I can go ahead with composite bonding if I have decay’ 

Before any composite bonding treatment takes place, we will examine your teeth for any signs of decay or gum disease. Such problems will need to be dealt with before composite bonding can take place, and this is also true for any of the cosmetic dental treatments we offer. The health of your teeth is always our first priority and once stabilised, this provides the perfect foundation for having cosmetic dental treatment, such as composite bonding here in Blackrock. 


Myth no.5 ‘My bonded tooth will respond to teeth whitening treatment’

Unfortunately, like other restorations such as veneers and crowns, a bonded tooth won’t respond to the bleaching agent used when you have your teeth whitened. If you’re thinking about giving your smile a sparkle, we recommend having this done prior to having treatment to restore your cracked, chipped or misshapen tooth with composite bonding. 


If you have staining on one individual tooth and it’s a different shade to your other teeth, composite bonding can fix this. We’ll match the shade of your bonded tooth to your other teeth, giving your smile back a nice uniform shade.  


Myth no.6 ‘Composite bonding involves having anaesthetic’  

Patients who are needle phobia will be pleased to hear that composite bonding can be performed without the need for an anaesthetic, as there’s no need for any drilling. It truly is one of the least invasive ways of improving your smile.


Why have composite bonding performed at Shields in Blackrock? 

Our dentists see cosmetic bonding, and indeed all cosmetic dentistry, as a fine art. We love creating accurate and beautiful-looking smiles, and with composite bonding it’s possible to layer the composite material very gradually and in layers. The nature of this technique means it’s possible to recreate the distinguishing characteristics of real tooth enamel.  

Twin brothers Conor and Cormac head up Shields Dental Clinics and their family connections to dentistry go back a long way. Over a century ago their grandfather Frank qualified as one of the first dental surgeons in Tyrone. The family passion for caring for peoples’ smiles remains strong, as they open their fourth dental practice in Blackrock, Dublin. 


How is composite bonding treatment carried out? 


Step 1: we’ll examine the tooth or teeth in question and make sure there are no underlying problems that need to be addressed before cosmetic dental treatment. Once we can see that your teeth are disease and decay-free, your Shields dentist in Blackrock can proceed with your composite bonding treatment. 

Step 2: we’ll explain how we’re going to deal with the cosmetic issue in question, whether it’s a chip, crack, stain or the tooth needs re-shaping. We’ll select a shade of resin that corresponds to the shade of your other teeth.

Step 3: the tooth is prepared, which involves roughening it, so that the gel and resins can be applied. The resin is then applied bit-by-bit and sculpted into the correct shape. A blue UV light then hardens your tooth, and you’re ready to leave the practice, with your smile and your confidence, restored. 


Composite bonding in Blackrock 

Get in touch with our friendly team to book your appointment with one of our dentists here in Blackrock, Dublin. We’re open 7 days a week to accommodate our busy patients – we look forward to welcoming you in Blackrock. 


You can also visit a Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinics in Roscrea, Limerick and Castletroy. 

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