Ceramic Braces Blackrock.

Discreet and natural looking.
Ceramic braces are an attractive option.

Discreet by design and more comfortable than traditional metal braces, patients feel less self-conscious with ceramic braces as they’re less noticeable.

Ceramic braces are a discreet style of fixed metal braces that use clear ceramic brackets on the front of the teeth instead of stainless steel, and tooth-coloured wires and clear ligatures.

They provide all the versatility and reliability of fixed braces but are less obvious, thereby helping patients feel comfortable enough wearing them to begin what can be a life-changing course of treatment.

Ceramic braces are also available for children and teens at Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinics.

How do ceramic braces work?

Ceramic braces work like regular metal braces. Brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth, and clear ligatures surrounding the brackets hold the tooth-coloured wire that gradually moves the teeth into alignment.

Ceramic braces use brackets made of clear or tooth-coloured ceramic or porcelain which blend with the colour of the tooth. The result is almost undetectable braces.

Your Shields orthodontic dentist will carefully consider and evaluate the way the teeth overlap when closed before deciding to proceed with ceramic braces. The ligatures, the elastic bands that hold the wire (which is tightened every six weeks) are either white or clear. These are changed every time the braces are adjusted.

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Ceramic Braces FAQs.

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What are the advantages of ceramic braces over metal braces?

Ceramic braces have the following advantages over metal braces: 

  • They are popular with adults due to their more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Orthodontic patients generally find ceramic braces more comfortable to wear than metal ones as they tend to cause less irritation to gums.

You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of metal and ceramic braces here.

You can read about metal braces here.

Why are ceramic braces attractive for patients?
  • Ceramic braces are often favoured by orthodontic patients because they are less noticeable than traditional, metal braces.
  • The brackets are translucent and the ligatures (elastic bands holding the wire in place) are white or clear which also adds to the subtle appearance.
  • Orthodontic patients can find ceramic braces more comfortable to wear than metal ones.
  • Ceramic braces can help boost your confidence and renew your desire to smile, even during treatment.
Am I eligible for ceramic braces?
Generally speaking, providing all of your adult teeth have come through and you have good oral health, you can have a ceramic brace fitted to straighten misaligned teeth.

You will need to attend a consultation and an orthodontist will assess the bite, health and general condition of your teeth before proceeding with treatment for ceramic braces.

Will I need to wear a retainer?
Yes, as with any teeth straightening treatment, a retainer is necessary to maintain the new, straight position of your teeth. There are a variety of retainer options you can choose from depending on your personal preference and lifestyle.
Are ceramic braces more expensive than metal braces?
Ceramic braces are almost always a more expensive option than metal braces. This is because higher quality materials are used, but also, in some cases ceramic braces may take longer to achieve the desired results. This will naturally have an impact on cost too. You can see a full list of our orthodontics prices here.

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