How You Could Transform Your Smile This Year

Jul 23, 2021 | Cosmetic Treatments

Your smile can be the most beautiful thing you will ever wear. So when you aren’t 100% confident about the way it looks, it can lead to feelings of self-consciousness. At Shields, we believe everyone deserves to feel great about smiling, and we offer several life-changing treatments that have the potential to give you a lifelong smile. Read on to find out about three selected treatments we provide to breathe new life into your smile.

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Six Month Smiles

The idea that your teeth can be straight in as little as six months may sound mad, but with state-of-the-art Six Month Smiles treatment, it’s entirely possible. Six Month Smiles focuses on improving the appearance of your front teeth, also known as the ‘social six’ because these are the most visible when you smile. Here at our Limerick dental practice, we love seeing the amazing transformations this treatment can give patients.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a fixed cosmetic brace that incorporates properties including clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, designed specifically for your smile. Thanks to this discreet design, the brace is barely visible to others, allowing you to undergo the orthodontic treatment you need without feeling conscious about how your smile looks.

While six months is the usual treatment time, you can achieve results anywhere between 4-9 months, depending on the complexity of the issue. During your consultation, we’ll be able to give you a projected treatment time.

How does the treatment work?

Six Month Smiles uses gentle forces to guide your teeth into the desired position. It’s this gentle force that ensures patients experience minimal discomfort. We will ask you to come in each month to have your Six Month Smiles brace adjusted by your orthodontist here in Limerick.

What are the benefits of treatment?

In an image-conscious society, patients look for braces that keep their teeth looking as normal as possible during the treatment period. Thanks to the subtle design of Six Month Smiles, others will barely notice you are wearing braces at all.

The fact that Six Month Smiles can achieve fantastic results in very little time is also extremely appealing to patients, particularly those seeking treatment for a special occasion like a wedding or birthday.

Six Month Smiles is incredibly versatile, working to correct misaligned teeth and crooked and widely spaced teeth. Correctly aligned teeth not only look more aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also easier to take care of. Once your front teeth are free of unnatural gaps, you will find it’s much easier to floss, and you can reach a greater surface area with your brush.

Want to know more about Six Month Smiles treatment in Limerick? Take a look at some of the common questions patients ask here.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening continues to be one of the most attractive treatments to patients, and it’s no surprise why. The benefits of a whiter smile are endless.

What is teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening overseen by a dentist produces excellent, uniform results. As bespoke whitening trays are used, treatment is completely safe as there is no risk of the whitening gel coming into contact with your gums. This is a risk associated with over-the-counter treatments and treatments performed by unqualified individuals.

How does the treatment work?

We will create your custom whitening trays so you can continue treatment from the comfort of your own home. Treatment takes a period of weeks, depending on the shade you are looking to achieve. We will discuss this with you before treatment occurs, so we offer treatment that perfectly suits your needs.

What are the benefits of treatment?

A white and bright smile reflects success and good health. This image has proven to be popular with employers and for creating relationships with new friends, partners and colleagues.

In many cases, once a patient has seen the fantastic treatment results, they find their oral and dental hygiene routine improves, as they invest more time and effort into maintaining good looking teeth.

Many patients opt for teeth whitening after Six Months Smiles treatment. Misaligned teeth are challenging to brush, so they can become easily discoloured over time. Once a patient has had Six Month Smiles, teeth whitening gives your smile a healthy and uniform shade. Patients also have the option of veneers or composite bonding to achieve this here in Limerick.

Composite bonding

In recent years, there has been a huge demand for cosmetic dental procedures that are less invasive than those of the past. Composite bonding ticks this box, and consequently, it’s become incredibly popular.

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is an effective and straightforward means of making minor cosmetic changes to teeth using a carefully layered composite material. Repairing chipped and damaged teeth, whitening tenacious stains, improving the shape and size of a tooth, or straightening crooked teeth — composite bonding is a jack of all trades.

How does the treatment work?

Beautiful results are achieved with fine layers of composite resin, which is an excellent solution for treating real tooth enamel. By gradually building up your bonded tooth, we can achieve a natural result that captures the subtle and unique light that real tooth enamel possesses.

What are the benefits of treatment?

Composite bonding takes only one appointment to complete, which means less time in the dentist’s chair for patients. It’s also a minimally invasive and cost-effective alternative to veneers. Read our recent blog about composite bonding to find out more about the benefits.

If you have recently had treatment with Six Month Smiles, composite bonding is an excellent option to enhance the results of your orthodontic treatment. Once your teeth are aligned with Six Month Smiles, then shaped with composite bonding to give a symmetrical smile, you will find your desire to smile hits an all-time high!

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