Three Procedures To Improve Your Smile In 2022

Mar 23, 2022 | General Dentistry

If it’s your smile you’re looking to focus on and improve over these 12 months, you’re reading the right blog! Making cosmetic improvements to your teeth can be extremely beneficial for your confidence and even your career and dating prospects. 


So, as we edge further into 2022, here are 3 treatments we recommend for addressing specific cosmetic defects with your teeth. 

Invisalign: teeth straightening 

Orthodontic treatment like Invisalign isn’t just something that can render your teeth straighter – it can give you a fuller smile that’s in proportion with your whole face. What’s more, the health benefits of teeth straightening can often be overlooked. With straighter teeth that are free of unnatural gaps, you’ll find brushing and flossing becomes a whole lot easier. 


Why we love Invisalign aligners 

They’re virtually invisible

no need to worry about those face-to-face interactions and Zoom calls, as no-one will notice you have your aligners in! 

They’re removable

 the hassle of having to brush with metal braces getting in the way will not be a problem you encounter with Invisalign. Take them out, and brush as normal. 

Enjoy your favourite foods

the removable nature of Invisalign also means you can live your best life when it comes to eating. You won’t need to worry about limiting tougher foods that might otherwise get stuck in or damage a metal brace.  

Cutting edge technology

each aligner is made with precision, to make sure it’s an optimum fit every time your teeth move into a new position. We’re even able to show you what your teeth will look like before your treatment commences, thanks to ClinCheckTM 3D software. 


Find out more about orthodontic treatment at Shields here


Dental implants: tooth replacement 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, dental implants are the undisputed kings of tooth replacement treatment. They replace missing tooth roots by merging with your jawbone, giving it the stimulation it needs and consequently your face shape remains intact and no longer subject to looking sunken as a result of jawbone loss. Implants are made of titanium which is actually a material that’s very at home as part of the human body. Here at Shields we offer multiple different implants treatments, including single dental implants, All-on-4 and Click-TiteTM  


Why we love dental implants 

They support the jawbone

we can’t praise implants enough for their ability to mimic a real tooth root. It’s this vital relationship with the jawbone that make them able to behave as if they were one of your real teeth. 

They preserve a youthful appearance

tooth loss is often something associated with ageing, so replacing missing teeth has the potential to bring renewed youth to your smile.  

They encourage confidence growth

 losing any tooth is tough, but losing a tooth that’s visible when you smile can be incredibly devastating for your confidence. Once your implant is fitted, we’ll create the tooth like element (crowns, dentures or a bridge) to look identical to real teeth, so that each time you look in the mirror you can feel proud of your new smile. 

They protect your existing teeth

 replacing missing teeth with dental implants protects other teeth from having to carry out chewing that they’re not equipped for. This reduces the possibility of tooth wear overtime. 

Enjoy your food again

 one of the most obvious benefits of looking to have missing or failing teeth replaced with implants is that it makes eating significantly easier. Once you’re fitted with dental implants, you’ll no longer have to be careful with the texture of the types of foods you eat, as you’ll be able to break them down with all your teeth intact. This said, you should moderate the amount of acidic foods and sugar that you eat, as these types of food affect the health and longevity of your implant and natural teeth.  


Read more about why you should choose Shields for your dental implants treatment here. 


Composite bonding 

Composite bonding is the ideal cosmetic dental treatment for patients who are looking to fix small imperfections with individual teeth, or address multiple teeth, with a view to enhancing their whole smile. Using layers of composite resin, we can achieve an incredible resemblance to real tooth enamel. 


Why we love composite bonding treatment  

It’s a less invasive alternative to veneers

whilst it’s true that veneers produce an amazing cosmetic result for patients, particularly as we use high quality porcelain to create them, they involve removing some of your natural tooth structure, in order for them to be the same thickness as your existing teeth. Composite bonding on the other hand, keeps your natural tooth structure intact, as we’re able to layer the composite resin straight onto your affected tooth. 

It’s versatile

 composite bonding can address all sorts of problems, from stains, chips and cracks, to improving the shade of your teeth and closing small gaps. 

Straightforward treatment

composite bonding can be completed in just one appointment and won’t involve any drilling or injections. It’s also suitable for patients of all ages with good dental health. 


Many of our patients opt to have cosmetic treatment as part of a Smile Makeover which aims at addressing multiple cosmetic dental issues. Your Smile Makeover is whatever you chose it to be, according to what you’re looking to improve about your teeth. Treatment can be a memorable milestone in your life and goes beyond just improving your teeth. A Smile Makeover has the potential to transform the whole face. 


If you’re from Limerick or Roscrea and are interested in cosmetic dental treatment, contact our friendly reception team, who can book you in for a consultation appointment at your convenience. 


New Shields dental practice opening in Blackrock

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll soon be opening a brand new dental practice in Blackrock. Watch this space!



We welcome both new and existing patients alike.  


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