Tyler Bleyendaal, Munster Rugby Player – Patient Testimonial

Jun 12, 2018 | Advanced Dental Treatments

He may be injured and currently on the Munster sidelines, but Kiwi rugby player Tyler Bleyendaal still requires dental treatment like us all. He recently received root canal, crown and replacement filling treatments at Shields Dental Clinic Limerick. Tyler had been receiving massage and physio in the same building and had bumped into Dr Cormac a few times, so he booked an appointment at Shields.

Tyler’s Dental Treatments

You can watch Tyler’s account of his treatment below or if you’d prefer, read a transcript of the video.

Transcript of the Video Testimonial

Interviewer:         And what is it you do for a living?

Tyler B.:                  I play rugby, so it’s my full time job, yeah.

Interviewer:         Is it? And so you’re a professional then?

Tyler B.:                  Professional rugby player yes.

Interviewer:         And who do you play for?

Tyler B.:                  I play for Munster.

Interviewer:         What do you like most about the game?

Tyler B.:                  I think it’s something I’ve grown up with forever and kind of the camaraderie and the mateship you’re getting. Look, I’m very competitive and we love winning and getting better so, rugby provides all that.

Interviewer:         It’s a real rugby city isn’t it?

Tyler B.:                  Limerick is a flat out rugby city and it’s great.

Interviewer:         You’re a stranger to the city of Limerick. How did you end up at Shields?

Tyler B.:                  I was actually here for some massage and physiotherapy. So there was a practice running out of the same kind of facility here and then I was due a check up for my dental. So, the practice looked nice here and the girls on the counter were nice, and kind of ran into Cormac a few times and so, I booked myself an appointment and away we went.

Interviewer:         Did you have a lot of treatment needed, or?

Tyler B.:                  I did require a lot of treatment, yeah. Just if I’m honest, I was a bit neglectful with the teeth, from kind of, school age onwards. There’s a bit to be done, but they did a great job and I’m happy with that.

Interviewer:         What sort of work did you have?

Tyler B.:                  Obviously just replacing fillings. I had to get a crown and the dreaded root canal as well, so….. maybe two. I’m not sure.

Interviewer:         And are you a regular now? Do you go to a hygienist here?

Tyler B.:                  I do yeah, I’m a regular so, I’ve kind of got my every three months, get a check up and the hygienist appointment. So, I’m pretty proud of myself for that, it’s not a … as I said, it wasn’t what I’d usually had done in the past so…

Interviewer:         How would you describe the practice?

Tyler B.:                  It’s very nice. That’s when I thought the whole reception area, sitting area, plus the kind of, inside the treatment rooms themselves, it’s all kind of, high quality. It seems very modern and, yeah it’s got all the nice equipment. I feel very comfortable in it, so yeah.

Some big windows as well, plenty of natural light.

Interviewer:         There is that.

Tyler B.:                  And get to watch TV, I’m happy.

Interviewer:         And how do you get on with Cormac ‘cause Cormac’s your dentist is he?

Tyler B.:                  Yeah Cormac’s my dentist. I know he’s from the north, maybe an Ulster supporter, but we get on fine and he leaves me off. He says he supports me now, playing for Munster, as long I’m not playing Ulster!

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