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Jul 27, 2018 | Advanced Dental Treatments

In the latest of a series of patient review articles, we recount the experience of Dawn Quinn from Limerick who received orthodontic treatment at Shields. Dawn had a lot of teeth taken out in one go as a child, resulting in a phobia of dentists in adulthood. She didn’t like her smile and decided to undergo orthodontic treatment following a consultation where all of the options available to her were discussed.

Dawn’s Orthodontic Treatment

You can watch Dawn’s account of her treatment below or if you’d prefer, read a transcript of the video.

Transcript of the Video Testimonial

Dawn:     I was very nervous at the dentist. I had a lot of treatment when I was younger ’cause my mouth is very small. So, to start with, I had eight teeth taken out in one go.

I was about seven, eight years old. Since then kind of thing, I’ve had an extreme phobia of dentists.

So then, my husband knew the Shields brothers and they sort of said, oh, bring her in you know, we’ve got relaxation techniques that we can use.

So I came in very, very nervous. Straight away they gave me some kind of air, I wouldn’t say it’s gas as such but it kind of relaxed me. Now, I can actually come in and have the treatment. They knew I wasn’t happy with how my smile was.

So they gave me all kinds of different options, and it was like, would you think of having braces? And I said “oh, I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m a bit old for this now” and they sort of said well, it’s people of your age that are coming in actually moreso now than the youngsters. So I just said I’d come in and see the Orthodontist.

So I decided to take the plunge. My front teeth, the side ones were all turned in and my canines were kind of prominent. They were all as straight as they can be now at the moment and i’m only halfway through the treatment. They’re all turned out the right way, I know there is work to be done, there’s a gap there, but that’s something that they’ll deal with once the braces come off.

It hasn’t been … I wouldn’t say plain sailing, there is an element of pain there, moreso when you come in and they replace the wires, you take some painkillers and you get through the couple of days.

Interviewer:    How long has the treatment been?

Dawn:              Between 18 months and two years. It doesn’t feel too bad now, there’s kind of, you’re used to it, but it felt very alien and it felt like your mouth was really really big because it’s not the braces itself, it’s the brackets the wires go through.

Interviewer:    Can I ask you, is it expensive?

Dawn:              It was four thousand Euros for the two-year treatment… in one go.

Interviewer:    So you got both arches done?

Dawn:              Yeah.

Interviewer:    How would you describe the atmosphere in the practice?

Dawn:              It’s friendly. You walk in and everyone knows you straight away. It’s not a case of what you here for kind of thing, who are you here to see? The minute you walk in, they know you.

Ms Dawn Quinn from Limerick is undergoing orthodontic treatment at Shields Dental

Orthodontic Treatment at Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinic

We offer a range of treatment options here at Shields in Limerick. The options are designed to suit different requirements, budgets and tastes and they include braces that are made from a range of different materials. The general options are:

Our Specialist Orthodontists have the expertise to administer a range of orthodontic treatments for all age groups, including children. Click to read more about our Orthodontic treatments available at Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinic Limerick.

The practice is open to both private and PRSI patients. New patients may want to read more about our dental & cosmetic treatments here.

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