Patient Testimonial: Orthodontic Treatment

Jul 2, 2019 | Advanced Dental Treatments

In the seventh of a series of patient testimonial articles, we recount the experience of Mr Will Healy from Limerick who underwent orthodontic treatment at Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinic. He had an underbite and had made enquiries of dentists in the past. He wanted to get braces and Shields Dental devised a suitable orthodontic solution for him.

Will’s Orthodontic Treatment

You can watch Will’s account of his treatment below or if you’d prefer, read a transcript of the video.

Transcript of the Video Testimonial

Will:                  Why were you looking for a dentist?

Interviewer:    Basically with the job I suppose you get dental care. I was very ‘neglective’ of my teeth for a good few years, so I’d said I’d try it out and start looking after it a bit better. I was enquiring about getting braces.

Will:                  Why were you interested in braces?

Interviewer:    I’ve had an underbite. The odd dentist I went to, I was always enquiring and interested with that, and they always said, “You’d need surgery” and basically you couldn’t do it. I had a consult here and they were fairly sure I’d be able to do it no problem. I got braces here, yeah, which I’ve only had since February, so it’s early days, but I’m already seeing changes, it’s already working. My teeth are coming back already, which is great.

Will:                  So your teeth are already changing?

Interviewer:    Yeah, yeah. First few months, I’m noticing it, so that’s great to see already. You were thinking it would be a lot longer.

Will:                  Are they uncomfortable?

Interviewer:    The first few weeks it [takes a bit of] getting used to, because there might be a bit of pain in your mouth and all, but after a month I forget not having them, it’s kind of you’re well used to them. Definitely worth doing, like.

Will:                  Is it expensive?

Interviewer:    I was kind of hesitant about paying a lot of money for them, but they were actually really nice, working with me doing instalments. If I was saying, “That’s a bit too much a month,” they were able to extend it and make it more easy to handle each month. It’s actually fairly manageable now, so I wouldn’t say they’re expensive, as long as you can pay your monthly instalments, then it’s just a small loan.

Will:                  How frequently do you have to come in?

Interviewer:    Once a month.

Will:                  Just once a month?

Interviewer:    Yeah, you come in once a month, they’ll change your wires, your cables on the bottom and top teeth and make sure everything is okay. Then every six months you’re due a check up anyway, seeing how things are going, and you have a cleaning as well you can get. They do keep on top of it.

Will:                  How would you describe the practice?

Interviewer:    Very friendly and open and very organised as well. It looks very professional. They have a really nice visiting area when you’re waiting for your appointment, great, comfortable couches and TV and everything and the staff are just brilliant, like.

Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinic Limerick

Shields Dental & Orthodontic Clinic Limerick is the centre of excellence for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malpositioned teeth. We offer a range of treatment options here at Shields Dental. The options are designed to suit different budgets and tastes and they include ceramic braces, metal braces and Six Month Smiles braces.

Read more about our orthodontic treatments or call us for a consultation at 061-480070.

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